Helping Communities After A Disaster

Our mission at FIDUS is to help beautify the community around us that’s why we are passionate when it comes to providing our disaster restoration services. We know the importance of being able to go back to a safe home after critical events happen.

Emergency Services

Our team is aware that in time of need a quick response time after a catastrophic occurrence is a must! That’s why we always work closely with our community to help them build back after a life impacting event. 

These events could include but are not limited to:

– Winter freeze

– Tornado

– Straight line winds

– Flood

– Hail Storm

– Fire

With every emergency comes special planning and needs that’s why FIDUS makes sure that our disaster restoration services are detailed towards that specific scenario.

Quick Response Services

Preparation for an emergency event can lead to minimized property and unit damage. Having a team on your side to help you and your community ready for what is coming can be a life changer. FIDUS can complete the following quick responses when the time comes.

Quick Response Services:

– Water mitigation

– Hygiene clean up
– Short term roof leak repair and trapping
– Plumbing
– Safety fencing
– Board up
– Wall bracing

Unit Habitability

In the event of a flood, fire, or natural disaster FIDUS will work with you to quickly make the unit habitable for the current residents. At the core of our disaster restoration services is the drive to help individuals return to a safe and comfortable home. We put this understanding into our work and help your residents gain back a sense of normalcy.

Emergencies Call For All Hands On Deck!

Reach out to FIDUS in your time of need! We will do our best to react promptly to help you and your residents bounce back. 

Vice President of Operations, Partner

Lauren Ann Hudler started her career in the multi family industry as a leasing consultant in 1999. Since that time, this San Antonio native completed her Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has also completed three of the four required courses toward obtaining the CCIM Designation.

Lauren has spent the last several years, before joining the FIDUS team, as a Regional Manager for a property management company. She has focused her career on operational efficiency and effectiveness by integrating time and cost saving methods to daily operations and property rehabs. Lauren’s experience provides a unique benefit to our clients with her in depth knowledge of client’s needs and overall goals.

Vice President of Capital Management, Partner

After graduating from Texas A&M University with an Accounting and Finance degree, Jeff spent his first 9 years of his career working in the accounting industry. Jeff earned his CPA in 2003 and did work covering financial accounting to business and personal tax. In 2009, Jeff left the accounting industry and started a small business in the energy efficiency space providing services ranging from energy auditing to mechanical equipment testing as well as LED lighting sales. During this time Jeff worked in coordination with local utilities and municipalities to provide work in over 1,000 different structures. These projects worked with customers in the residential, commercial and multi-family arenas. Jeff earned the trust of all his customers, associates and partners through integrity, communication, hard work and commitment to always ‘getting it right’. As VP of Capital Management and a founding partner, Jeff uses that same commitment supporting all FIDUS clients, members and partners.

President, Partner

With an accounting degree from The University of Texas, Todd Wright began his professional career as a CPA in Austin in the mid ‘80s. He left accounting and a CFO position to start a property management company, beginning a long career as owner of businesses related to the multi-family industry. Over the past 30 years, Todd has forged working relationships that remain strong and solid to this day. He has earned the trust of many large real estate investment firms, property owners and property managers by providing general contracting for large capitol projects and by working with insurance companies on their behalf. Todd is known for his integrity in dealing with his clients, for his commitment to ensure that jobs are well-managed and for his philanthropy in the communities where FIDUS has a presence. The “give-back” culture he has created is fully embraced by his team. As the President and Managing Partner of FIDUS, Todd’s priority is setting the industry standard for project management and communication with clients.